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Finally Ready To Talk About This...... Hoping that I may share this story with Jessica Lynch

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  Posted 24 February 2009 - 12:28 AM

Hello, my name is Scott Bruno and I am a former US Army Specialist, a combat veteran, and a Service Connected Disabled War Veteran - 50% - (2007).

Back in 2003 I while I was working on various INTEL contracts and while I was a member of the Pentagons INTELST board I had been working on scouting and trolling for enemy intelligence before and during our surge north to Baghdad. It was during this time that I intercepted the 13 minute long video filled with extremely graphic shots of a group of American soldiers who appeared to be in the hands of enemy soldiers. The worst of this video was filmed inside several rooms on the interior of what appeared to be a building, but thankfully, the video also showed several other areas of interest such as the outside of buildings, land, roads and vehicles. (I WILL NOT go into details concerning this video and I WILL NOT share such content with anyone, it is gone forever, so PLEASE do not ask for it)

After intercepting the video I collected my head and began to enguage in finding the "right" person to issue it too. What happened next would be outside of my control, however, it is what happened at this exact moment in time that made for a delayed response to forming the strategy and snatch -n- grab team that would go in for KIA's and any potential survivors. Because of the delay in action by the command, combined with other highly stressful events occuring at this time, I fell into a near critical mode of trauma and shock. Even though my professional and curricula studies are within psychology, and even though I am a decorated war veteran, and have fought in wars ranging from ending the cold war (1989), to fighting in desert storm (1991), desert shield, Silent fury and unmentionable conflicts, what happened to me following this experience would literally paralyze my life as knew it.

I have kept quiet on this subject until now. The reason that I am now sharing this information is because at this time in my life I wish to bring total closure to this entire experience. The ONLY way that this can be done is by digging deep where we often dont wish to go, and by being truthful during times when our instinctive denail system wishes to supersede the truth. I do not feel comfortable with, nor do I wish to share the details of my experience with a psy counsel, or with a news group, or with a family member, but rather I feel as if the only person that I can offer these much needed deep truths to is one of the only persons to have survived the experience.

In sharing this I must be clear, I have no intentions of sharing this experience to a level by which would negatively affect another indavidual, rather my intentios are to heal as much as possible, and in my doing this, potentially enable another person to get closer to fully being healed and allowing such memories to fade off into a space where they never return.

It is because of this reason that I feel the only person which I can share this with is Jessica. I know that such a sharing would be very helpful to me and I can promise that it would be very helpful for her.

If someone knows of Jessica's email I would greatly appreciate it if you would forward this on to her. I need not even speak via phone to her, it would be easy enough to do this via email.

Thank you, thanks for supporting the troops, and God Bless.

Scott Bruno
Founder - Intrawork

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