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Waiting To Read Words Of Wisdom From Jessica, Herself will life ever be the way we would like it

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Posted 19 July 2006 - 09:08 PM

i'm as hardcore a christian as i am a dedicated medical provider. since you know you are still here by the grace of God and count your blessings, i'll make my point. My mission as a physicians assistant in the army and out of it was to preserve life and not give up on a patient until its obvious my prayers and best efforts were not going to affect an outcome God decided. You underwent and endured excruciating pain and can witness to the world God has future plans for you, to let folks know it ain't over til its over. I take for granted you come from a family tradition where religion plays a central role in your life and the support you get spiritually outweighs your physical therapy.

Other patients i had that i, by medical protocol, had to relinquish on-going care, just like the evacuation chain you experienced first-hand, don't always have someone there who cares for soul function in the same manner you get physical care. Some patients i had told me not to get into the 'religion thing' when it came time for them to gut it out and find the will to live when i did the conventional 'laying on of hands' upon their head. I went into my daily routine armed with my stethoscope and my wits, and a dinky aid bag. With these basic tools, plus my faith in the Lord i was expected to perform miracles.

I'm sure you knew who were the shammers in the 507th, every unit has them, sometimes in abundance. I knew the troopies at the 507th in karsruhe, it was the largest maintenance company in europe. it was actually battalion sized in terms of personnel, scattered from norway to turkey. I'm sure there were some true believers hidden in the 507th, but they somhow never got sick or injured. The rest discovered german beer kicked booty and the partying that went along with it. Since being in combat ain't zakly a church picnic it brings the best and the worst outta folk due their stress tolernce or lack of it.

Next point i bring up, where did you get what the Finns call SISU, unless of course you are part Finn like i am. I mean, having SISU is mental toughs and endurance beyond what folk call normal. You displayed that in buckets full, you were simply awesome in your demeanor, you may even have surprised yourself with your ability to not give up the spook. These sorts of things are what normal mortals like myself are impressed by, that radiant conviction that God was by your side and you can share that radiance.

Compare it to the shekinah glory you read about in the Bible, it kept moses going for 40 years. Let's see you are 23 -24 y.o so that would make you 63-64 y.o before you ran out of that steam and your SISU will get you the rest of the way til you hit age 90. I can't wait that long for you to start imparting your already accumulated insightful wisdom, that would make me 150 y.o and by then i be hard of hearing, and sight impaired to boot.

Please consider us mere mortals and show up on your own homepage and banter with us. Think positive, there's folk who want you to go into politics, you have credibility, and you, to the best of my knowledge haven't groped another head of state like dubya did to angela merkel, chancellor of germany, its worse than his flip of the lip when he referred to lebanon as hizboolians.

'Nother freebie, before i run out of space here. i saw a book in england called 'famous lynch women', but the store wasn't open otherwise i would have checked it out to see if they weren't referring to you, and that was 2 years ago. Maybe an amazon search can track it down for you. i'll eventually buy it once i get back there

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Posted 24 July 2006 - 02:55 PM

Someone tell scott drake "the white trash slimy snake" that lack of integrity is NO accident!!!

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